About Us.

Earth Blend Team

Who Are We?

Earth Blend was born in 2016 by a pharmacist with a desire to get nutrients into the body in the fastest form possible.

Our team of pharmacists, nutritionists and food scientists scour the rich lands of Africa to find the most nutrient dense grasses, vegetables, fruits, and spices to formulate products that deliver the body with life saving benefits.

In an effort to support local farmers and to ensure that our produce is of the highest quality and nutrient content, we use locally and organically grown produce only.


Cause We Qualified

Because you are at the heart of our business. Life is increasingly busy, and time waits for no one. That’s why we take our time to formulate nutrient dense products for our on the go clientele to keep going without compromising on their health needs.

From our delicious smoothies packed with mouth watering fruits, to our power house ‘Life Shots’ to keep you operating at optimum capacity. We have all that your body and mind needs.